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我可能不會待太久 i might not be here for long
正白空間 個展
a solo exhibition held at #ffffff space

李奕芃 攝影紀錄
photography documentation by YIPENG LEE






i might not be here for long

i have been moving around constantly these few years, sometimes staying only briefly in each place, with all my clothes inside a single luggage. i dont allow myself to have too many things. every piece of clothing that i take with me has its own reason for staying. whatever i cant carry, whatever i cant wear, whatever i cant bring with me, these are all forsaken.

late 2021, when i moved to taiwan, i took with me everything i owned in a single luggage. every time i face the possibility of leaving taiwan again, i start to get anxious about that single luggage, whether it is enough to fit all i have.

i currently have 78 pieces of clothing. apart from what i am wearing, the rest is all here. to the constantly moving (im)migrants, to have too many or too little clothes is a cause for anxiety. because i am afraid of the cold, so there are jackets. because i cannot do laundry weekly, so there are many pairs of underwear. these clothing choices hint at my lifestyle, my values, my way of life.