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by art naming 奇能
10月22日 (週六) 1700-2000

analog photography documentation by participating audience




sleep is something we each experience, yet it exists in our most obscure and abstract worlds. in deep sleep, the body continues to operate (breathe, heartbeat). in sleepwalking, the origin of our movement is most unclear. yet, if we were to experience physical pain in this state, our bodies retain the sensorial feeling after waking. slumber in a hot environment wakes us up in sweat. through examination of the marks on our skin, the tiredness of our legs, the numbness of our arms, we can hypothesise the activities of our body when we are in the dreamworld.

睡夢中 [in sleepdream] (2022) is a live 3 hour-long durational performance where i use the slowness of my body to emulate the half-asleep half-awake state, creating a stillness in the environment to guide the audience into sleep. during the piece, the audience is encouraged to find ways to experience and participate: through moving with me, recording their experiences with pen on paper, viewing the exhibition, going outside for a smoke, merely to share this timespace with me. this piece was made and presented with a group exhibition with other works exploring the idea of the dreamworld, titled 超夢 superdreaming, at Carp Gallery, in taichung, taiwan.

action description:
in a 3-storeyed townhouse turned gallery, i pull along a large blanket and move my body extremely slowly as if in a dream-like or sleepwalking state from the basement to the rooftop. along the way, i stop occasionally when i find a suitable spot for slumber. this can be on the ground, on the steps of the staircase, along the walls. around me, the audience is given the choice to follow me, sleep alongside me, or do anything they want to do within the atmosphere of stillness. the piece ends when i reach the rooftop and lay there until the exhibition closes for the night.