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收 [keep]

73 x 卷 "北極熊" 膠帶 18 mm x 20Y
1284 minutes
73 x rolls of 18 mm x 20Y "北極熊" clear tape


收 收集 收下 收回 收起


境外生入境許可證明 文件
IKEA 家居寄送 收據
台中朝馬往台南麻豆 客運車票
"注意事項" 公告
9月17日入住集中檢疫所14天費用 收據
"味珍" 菜單
七星濃煙 紙盒
台灣啤酒 紙箱部分
貼膠帶時留下的遺物 (頭髮,灰塵,等)

keep collect receive take back pack up
using tape to keep seal memory and truncate time

after just arriving in taiwan for my mfa, i prepared an installation where i used tape to tape up the entire floor of a space

found objects:
overseas student entry permit certificate
IKEA furniture delivery receipt
taichung chaoma to tainan maodou long-haul bus ticket
17sep 14day quarantine receipt
"味珍" menu
dark blue mevius cigarette box
taiwan beer cardboard box (parts)
remnants while taping (hair, dust, etc)