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developed/presented as part of a month-long residency at Islands International Art Park (群島國際藝術園區) in taichung, taiwan

performance installation
photography documentation by participating audience


那我們來試試 你丟 我接 我們一起抓

he said to hold tofu in your hands is difficult
she said to hold tofu in your hands is easy
so let us try you throw i catch we hold together

豆腐的時間 THE TIME OF TOFU is a participative live performance and installation developed from my month-long residency at Islands International Art Park in taichung, taiwan. after discussing with two new friends about the difficulty (or not) of catching tofu with our hands, i decided to use a month's time to make tofu from scratch, present that to the audience, and invite them to throw the tofu at me while i attempt to catch them. hand-made tofu requires time, an action that allows us to contemplate the relationship between time and effort. using this organic sculpture, to throw it, play with it, even waste it, connects tofu with relationship and the ephemerality of time. even if every living organism eventuates in death, we still want to try to "catch" it.

action description:
i open the door that says 豆腐的時間, bring the audience into a small room. i use chalk on the walk to detail the discussion with my friends about tofu and time. on the same wall is projected a looped video documentation of me making tofu. i bring out the tofu i have made and preserved over the month on metal plates, place them on a table for the audience, then write on the table: you throw i catch we hold together. after this, i retreat into the corner of the room and invite the audience to use their hands to throw the tofu at me. i try to catch the tofu, not always successful. when all of the tofu is spent, it ends. lastly, i will host a small sharing with the audience, reflecting about what happened and their thoughts and feelings regarding time and relationships.

tofu bits will stick onto the wall, floor, etc. they will begin to ferment and smell in the small space. these ephemera become part of the spatial installation, reminding and documenting the whole process and experience of the piece.

film photography documentation by the audience and myself.

「豆腐的時間 THE TIME OF TOFU」是一個在台中台灣群島國際藝術園區駐村時延伸出來的參與性現場藝術與裝置。跟兩位新朋友討論到用手抓豆腐難不難之後,我決定用一個月的時間手作豆腐,把它獻

我打開寫上「豆腐的時間」的門,帶觀眾跟我一起進入小房間。我用粉筆在牆上描述跟新朋友討論到豆腐和時間的故事。同一面牆上也投影著我手作豆腐的紀錄影片,會一直循環。我用鐵盤子把我那個月製作了和保存的豆腐塊拿出來,放在桌上獻給觀眾,然後在桌上用粉筆寫: 你丟 我接 我們一起抓。接著我退到房間的角落,邀請觀眾用手拿起豆腐往我丟。我試著把這些豆腐接住,但不是每次都成功。當全部的豆腐都丟完,正式結束。最後,我會主持一個小座談會,跟觀眾一起討論分享彼此對於時間和感情關係的想法與感受。