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in taichung, taiwan
with Julianne Thomson, Teo Xiao Ting


over three months to a somewhat foreign place a self-directed residency or artistic collective (since each of us make artistic creative things on our own necessarily coming together already allows transmission) or group of friends trying to live together and making something along the way trying to love to learn about each other about ourselves about traumas personal and collective to attempt to live without the trappings of a conventional residency or workspace schedule an experiment at an alternative living really.

over a christian calendar my mummy gave me we collaged scribed erased pasted the printed accumulation of visual written material. then we got a local printhouse to scan the pages and print those onto paper bounded into this zine a signification of our time and energies but not conclusive. its been printed into 99 (3x33 in green, yellow, blue) copies that we distributed ourselves